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How to unlock your car with keys inside?

How to unlock your car with keys inside?

Imagine making yourself a warm cup of coffee and then rushing to your garage because you’re already late for work. You check the key holder but the keys are not there. You check the pockets of your overcoat but still no luck. Panicked, you peep inside the windows of your car and there your keys are. Right on the dashboard, with all the doors locked. If this little hypothetical scenario gives you anxiety, you need to be fully prepared to handle such an unfortunate situation before it happens to you. Here are some practical and reliable methods you can use to unlock your car if you accidentally leave the keys inside.


1. Use a Rod and a Screwdriver


This method usually works 100% of the time but is very risky due to the fact that both the rod and the screwdriver can damage or even break the exterior of the car when you try to open the door. What you need to do is push the screwdriver into the side of the window to create some space for the rod to fit in. Once there is enough space, force the rod in and push the lock with it. If the rod is able to reach the lock easily, unlocking it won’t be very difficult.


2. Use a Plastic Strip


The concept with this one is also the same but this is a bit safer since plastic can not hurt the exterior as bad as a screwdriver or a metal rod. Get a plastic strip that is thin enough to fit through the space between the door lock and the window. Fit the strip in and try to reach out to the lock. Once you get to the lock, try to push it and it will unlock very easily.


3. Use a Locksmith’s Inflatable Wedge


A locksmith’s wedge is probably the most relevant tool to attempt this unlocking since it is particularly made for situations like these. The only downside with a locksmith’s wedge is that it is a bit pricey and not very easily available at stores. Once you get your hands on one, you can use this to safely create the space for a rod to fit in between the window and the door lock, instead of trying to do so with a screwdriver or a plastic strip. You can also make use of a shoelace or a cloth hanger’s hook to get to the lock once you’ve created enough room for them to enter.


4. Call for Help


If you’re not stuck somewhere remote, where there are no car mechanics or workshops nearby, it is usually the best option to call for help and let the experts handle the situation. Alpha Tow Truck Services for one could be a helpful solution if you want someone to get to your place and unlock your vehicle in a safe manner. The experts usually have all the tools required to unlock the car and are aware of all the risks and dangers involved. Hence, they are able to unlock the vehicle in a much better manner than you would do so.